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I have become obsessed with reading "new" authors work! This is a great time to be a reader--there is no end in sight to the books available to an avid reader like myself and I applaud all of you who take the plunge and become an author!

I consider it a privilege to champion your work to others. I have "found" some impressive books on my journey and I've made some new friends along the way.

If I can help you enhance your book by offering my services as a beta reader, feel free to contact me. One of the issues that comes up most often

in reviews of self and e-published books is the amount of typos, poor word choices and lack of continuity in storylines. You can have the best idea for a book and the reader will overlook it and comment only on the typo found on page 227!

My goal is to help elevate your craft!

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Deb Kelly was born in Connecticut but has been happily settled at the edge of wine country in CA for the past 30 years. Her passion is reading and telling people about what she has read.

An alumnus of American University in Washington, DC (she also has an MA in marketing and a teaching credential), she has been a teacher at the elementary, secondary and college levels, and a copywriter, scriptwriter. editor, producer and director for audio visual media. She currently works in the pharmaceutical industry,

New discoveries every day!